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Saguaro Man 2017 RadiculociTee Experiment


The prime goal of this 3rd installation of the Saguaro Man GifTeee Experiment is to adorn the torsos of each and every attendee of the festival with a Radiculocity T shirt, as WE came together on two short years ago.  I think tickets capped at 700 that year so the bar has been raised at 1K+ this year.

On the previous experiment back in 2015, just 54 very generous donations allowed us to raise $2.4K!  This covered shirts for everybody (850 total) but this also involved the incentive of mega "rewards" (which actually took up well over 25% of the budget) --  plus an unimaginble amount of  work, stess, and grief!  So this time around the idea is to keep everything (with the exception of the design itself) as simple as possible, one shirt color, one ink color, all simple like.


I'm covering the first couple hundred tees, but to be able to gift one to everyone this year is closer to 1200 total including all ticket holders + staff, volunteers, hosts, & neighbors etc.  So we're looking at raising at least $2K to make this actually happen. 
**Stretch goal to cover something nicer than basic white tees would be closer to $3K.  But if we can just get within the range of $2K without having to go down that wormhole of another reward fulfillment nightmare, I'll be happy AF!!! 

For the sake of transparency, here's the essetial budget completely outlined:
200 blank tees in assorted sizes/styles/colors (donated) =                                                   $0

1000 blank tees - Basic Gildan 5000 white or natural colored tees @ $1.57 ea. =            $1570
75 tees in size 2XL - additional cost of $1.80 ea =                                                                   $135
25 tees in size 3XL - additional cost of $2.70 ea =                                                                   $68
Production costs;  ink & supplies (partially donated), electricity, coffee, beer, bacon =   $216
Design time - typically 20-25 hours (donated)                                                                         $0 
Production time - estimating 15-20 hours including volunteer help (donated) =              $0 
Transportation - $10/case x 17 cases (not necessary, but nice to offer the mules!)          $170   
Paypal fees                                                                                                                                     $75  =  $2234 = PRIMARY GOAL
  *Stretch goal 1: upgrade to basic Gildan black or other color tees = *additional cost of $450*   =  $2684 total
  *Stretch goal 2: upgrade to nicer contemporary fit colored tees =    *additional cost of $650*   =  $2884 total

SO there you have it.  It's all up to YOU now!!  My gift to the extended AZburner community is having the equipment, the skills, the time, and an overactive elbow grease gland, allowing me to produce these.  To me, the t shirt is simply a keepsake/reminder of the awesome time I already know we had that one time in Radiculocity.  The truth is:  YOU are the ones really making it happen!  And the fact that you crazy people are willing to generously chip in and let me print over 1500 square feet of my art that you might quite possibly even wear out of the house at a later date in time is the greatest gift to me!!!  Deep bows of gratitude to all of you for helping make this a reality!

And I will say this:  Any substantial donations made in any radiculous amount towards this goal will most likely be gratified with something even more special than simply knowing that you made it happen and a DDusty hug from me ;)  




UPDATE: 4/17/17 10:30pm:
Total contributions so far = $2078.78 / 60 donations (including a few who flew in under the radar)
- which means only around 5% of the overall SagMan population are making it possible for EVERYONE to attain RadiculociTee!!!  What an amazing and most generous bunch!!!!!!
New updated semi-stretch goal set at $2.5K.  Found a great sale going on this week on higher quality/colored tees adding only around $250 above the original budget which was going to be for the cheapest white tees available.  Big step up for a minimal cost is impossible to resist!!!
Setting the new goal on the calculator bot below to $2.4K and that's a wrap!!! Thanks SO much everybody!!!!!!!!  See you in the DDdust!!!! )'( <3 :) !!!

UPDATE: 4/18/17 11:30pm:
$2.4+ K FUNDED!  OMFG!  Sealed deal!!!  This means much nicer colored tees for everyone!!!!  I just hope you can all deal with the Radiculously gaudy colors that I'm about to order ;)    Thank you all SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!  Raising the bot goal just a hair here to $2.8K  -- 
All donations from here on out will go towards some nice gifts for all our most generous contributors big and small (who all gave without any promise of personal reward!)
That was the "experiment" - to see if this could possibly be achieved without "rewards" - and so it has, and then some -- so "rewards" there shall be!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
MuchLove y'all!!!  C U in the DDust!!!! )'( :) <3 !!!! 

Here's a few of my past Burning Man / Saguaro Man GifTee projects

00SAGMAN TEE 2015.jpg
00 SAGMAN TEES 2015.jpg
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