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Some Feedback & Testimonials



"Thank you again for such gear work!! Nothing but compliments on how cool the new tshirt is!!! Thanks for rushing these so we would have something to sell!!! You are awesome!"

~ Drea Doll, Venomous Pinks



"BIG Thanks for everything man! you did a great job, We appreciate it!"


~Erk Aicrag, HOCICO



"Thanks again for printing the shirts.  They were a HUGE hit."


Kevin Merritt, Kidsvillle, B.R.C.



"Once again sir... you killed it.  Thanks so much!!"


~ Carla Nelson, Northstar Communications



"The shirts look great..."


~Aaron Burg, 84/79 crew



"Our 'keep america beautiful... burn a billboard' t-shirts have been selling well and we were all very happy with your work and service so we'll be sending you some more work soon!"


~Lester, Andy Hersey



"Awesome t-shirts.  We had a 120 competitors and all said they looked awesome.  Many of the spectators bought some, as well.  Excellent service.  Thanks Thaddeus!!  I appreciate your hard work and look forward to doing business with you in the future."


~Noel Danforth, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Foundry



"Thanks so much for hooking up the Jesus Tees, they turned out amazing!"


~Troy Conrad, Comedy Jesus




"Thaddeus is great, Amazing work on the shirts!"


~Vacation To Kill The Nation



"The shirts look awesome! Thanks for the good work!"


~Drugstore Cowboys



"Your shirts generate so many compliments!  There was not one complaint about the quality - only praises!  You do great work dude, and should be proud!"


~Lora Green, Kidsville, B.R.C.




"I am WEARING one right now. They came out GREAT and we'll be ordering more really soon, so if you can store the screen, do - it will only be a couple weeks before we order more.  They look awesome and I am super stoked you were able to get them done so fast."


Ivanna S. Pankin, SIN CITY SKATES





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