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A little bit about our history...


       Anticonformity was born in Tempe, AZ in 2003 A.D. when the love for the art of inspired creation via screen printing came face to face with the bloated distaste in continuing to toil arduously for the man. Anticonformity is 100% artist/musician owned and operated. So it's no accident or surprise that many of our customers happen to be bands and artists. Our friendly band/artist discounts don't hurt either. We gladly print for anyone and everyone who has honest respect for this Universe we share. And be aware that we also often extend our "artist" discounts to various "other" projects, so long as they are in some way designed to help make the world a better place.

So how did YOU find us?

      Word of mouth has always been our primary source of advertising. We simply let our quality work speak for itself. We treat every single thing we print as if we are printing our own name on it. Our attention to detail and dedication to producing only high quality work, all at very affordable rates, has earned Anticonformity countless thanks' and much respect from our huge list of happy customers. Looks like there's room for at least one more, so the only thing missing NOW is YOU....

Choose Anticonformity.


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